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Theo is central to this site and a fuller explanation of her part in it will be found on the ‘Introduction’ pages where she gives the context and the spiritual practices in which ‘Verba’ is based.

Ken is a research student of religious language, lecturing on a range of associated topics. Having co-chaired, until recently, the Alister Hardy Society in London, he has an interest in both the theo-philosophical questions surrounding religious and spiritual experiences as well as the implications in a scientific context. These interests brought him into contact with Theo with whom the ideas for this site were discussed and acted upon.
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Ricardo Insua Cao is an artist and designer, recently becoming more aware and open to the nature of spirituality.
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Christian Initiative Trust kindly donated funds to enable this site to be set up. The CIT aims to help make the impossible happen, by providing financial and practical assistance to individuals who have exciting and promising ideas that will transform people's lives.
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The Alister Hardy Society was set up by Sir Alister Hardy who was an Oxford Professor of Zoology who combined his scientific and spiritual interests to collect and collate accounts of spiritual experiences.
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