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This site has been designed to allow you to freely access about fifteen years of daily locutions. It was our intention to avoid the need to scroll down through the many pages so please follow this procedure to access a particular page most easily.
For example, we may wish to read what was written on September 15th. 1997.
1 - Click on the Verba ‘button’.
2 - The page will appear with the years down the left. Click on 1997 and this will open up the list of months.
3 - Click on September and a new page will open with the days numbered at the top of the page. Click on 15 and the relevant locution will appear.

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This is a contact page for Theo, the person who has followed the inspiration to write ‘Verba’, and others who have followed their own vision as to how to make ‘Verba’ available to as many people as possible. It is also intended to place here, in due course, links to relevant websites.

This is Theo’s explanation of her own spiritual practice and the inspiration for Verba.

Inner Locution
This page has been written in order to place ‘Verba’ into a historical and spiritual context through the writing of St John of the Cross and to give some explanation of an aspect of spirituality that is rarely discussed.

There is much more that could have been written of the controversies that surround this topic of ‘Inner locution’, but it is recommended that you explore this site further before you try to classify or judge the content.

Spiritual Practice
It is hoped that this site will encourage the study of scripture, in a reflective manner, both for individuals and groups. This page offers some guidance but each individual will find his or her own preferred practice.

Please Note:
We are continually working on this site which was last updated on the 3rd January 2018.

Although the original, hand-written material was without error, there have been mis-typing errors when transferring the texts into Word. We are in the process of correcting these. We are also reconstructuring the site to enable the correct functioning of the search button.

We thank you for your patience with this process.