Is mankind a product of random forces, making its pointless journey from uncreated nothingness to its meaningless, inevitable end? Is life “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”? Few might spell out such a hopeless, negative philosophy but many in our Western world seem to live in the shades of it.

Yet our Western history and culture is based on the Judaeo-Christian belief of a loving, caring God who has created all that is for union with Him, and the human race to be the means of establishing His Kingdom as eternity succeeds to time. Our Western history and culture bear witness to a host of gifted men and women who, through intellectual thought and expression, through wisdom, through study and teaching and through the inspired imagination have given a glimpse of eternity in time.

All committed to a religious tradition would say that such gifts are from God, each given for the good of the one and the many and to reveal the nature of reality. One gift, little understood in the modern world is that of the direct word of God to the individual person. It is a gift known and experienced in most religious traditions: the Judaeo-Christian tradition is rich in such witness. Indeed, response to the gift has in many cases changed the course of history. Such were Abraham, founder of his nation, Moses, liberator of it, and many prophetic voices were ministers of the word as it was revealed to them; Saul of Tarsus turned in his murderous tracks as he was confronted by The Word Made Flesh and and after his conversion pioneered the Christian Gospel to the Gentile world, Augustine of Hippo was re-formed as he responded to the voice in his garden. Luther, reformer of the faith, Julian of Norwich, the mystic, John Wesley evangelist and evangelical dynamic, Dorothy Kerin, healer and counsellor – all heard and witnessed to the Voice within the heart and mind. And that Voice was one and the same.

For over twenty years I have had such a gift and it has been dispensed to me daily as I meditated. At first – over a period of about a year – it flowed into the mind and I wrote down what I believed was being given me, typing it up later in the day. Every morning I rose early to give time for the operation – this was both required and gave great joy; and I looked forward to meeting with the message again in the evening.

Within the message which I was given to write was the identity of the writer. I was left in no doubt that I was being addressed by The Incarnate Word and it was required of me to respond to it for my own sake and for such reasons as would be shown. And this I have done for over twenty years.

The Word is powerful to fulfil all that He wills and purposes: that Word is Love

Much of what I have received has been prompted by given passages in The Bible which is my sacred text, or “Holy Record” as it appears in the words given me. After a few years I felt that I should follow the daily liturgical readings – the ones read corporately by the Church throughout the year and individually by many. Usually the writing which these evoked proceeded from the text, but not always.

I have learnt much from what I have received, and my faith has been deepened and broadened by it. I believe the Writings have been given for sharing and I feel a special and deep bond with many of those with whom I presently share them. And I have the conviction that He who has spoken to me will speak to them in a similar way – a way similar but inevitably unique and appropriate for them.

What is the process I use? First, prayer ( I pray the Lord’s Prayer and the Anima Christi) then I read the given passages and, with open and dedicated mind prepare to write, never knowing what will be given and not using the usual thought processes. After writing I spend a short time in silent contemplation - that is engaging in a cultivated, relaxed silence. All is done by 7.30. a.m. at the latest. No day begins without this joyful discipline.